Ice-cream vantage points

By saiyiu

June 14, 2009


Category: News

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Driving down the North York stretch of Yonge Street at half past four meant coming upon the Iranian assembly protesting the fraudulant elections held earlier this week. The election which gave President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad victory, was said to be rigged. Scores of people drapped in red, white, and green gathered today to show their “support for the freedom-loving and dignified people of Iran” from the Torontonian expat community. While traffic was certainly slowed, interested pedestrians surrounded Mel Lastman Square in throngs, including a gentleman who stood in front of my passing car, busy capturing the demonstration on his camera phone.

Protests of the like are considered acts of international solidarity with those in Tehran, which have continuedsince its beginning two days ago, and is being compared to the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Whether part of the assembly or outside by happenstance, the Dairy Queen across from Mel Lastman Square was certainly well-visited. Even before signs of the protest could be heard or seen, ice-creams accompanied the many pedestrians on this sunny afternoon. Wouldn’t it be terribly busy for those working at that DQ branch? In one sense, business would probably be pretty much continuous because of the prime location inbetween two TTC stations, condos rising right and left, and squarely placed in front of a major civic square. Imagine the kind of vantage point employees would get, being across the street from Mel Lastman .. and the people who would stop by for a cone! Hey mister, how many Blizzards did you sell on Canada Day? How about at the Latin Fiesta, or the Sunday Serenades? Or for those who prefer the soft-serve offerings from ice-cream trucks (like me! one chocolate and vanilla swirl please), they must have seen as much as the CityTV cruiser.


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