French toast Friday

Interestingly enough, this morning I’m going to a class at the gym with my aunt and mom. “Turbo Kick combines athletic moves, sports drills, hip hop flavour with discipline of kick box. This fun and energized workout allows you to work at your own pace but keep up with the excitement.”

Um.. pray for us.

However, such demand for athletic performance (or lack thereof) calls for something of greater substance this morning … cue bananas.

Caramelizing banana slices ..

Coffee, no doubt about it

And a sprinkle of flax seed, as an afterthought

Bananas are great to eat for a burst of energy, along with its main nutritional benefit of potassium. The French toast was made with whole wheat bread (can never go back to the white stuff anymore), and flax seed provide ample amounts fibre.

I just hope I’ll last through the class ..!


One Response to “French toast Friday”

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