Something new, something blue

Like Danish blue cheese.

Lettuce leaf, sliced cucumbers and strawberries with crumbled blue cheese.

I’m venturing beyond the yellow and orange cheeses for something a bit more exciting. Other than the indicator on the package, I didn’t expect blue cheese to have such a strong odour, and the taste is just as piquant. The cheese is salty, really creamy, and I think it’s because of the creaminess that it doesn’t crumble in neat pieces like feta. I only needed to season with a bit of pepper — no extra salt. I also tossed the lettuce and cucumbers in a bit of Caesar dressing to distribute the creamy texture and taste through the salad before adding the other ingredients. The strawberries give a fresh contrast, and there was some leftover shrimp from a cocktail ring that I had on the side (My mom also has a good cocktail sauce that’s really easy to make: combine horseradish and ketchup.)

Hmm.. I think I like it? It’s definitely a welcomed change from the mixed green vinaigrette salads I’ve been having all summer. I think next time I’d crumble the blue cheese more finely, so the taste is less concentrated per piece.


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