Loosely layered chicken salad

With leftover cooked chicken in the fridge, I was in a salad mood for dinner (oh, the gastronomical freedoms when you dine by yourself!), and was experimenting with layered flavours.

Chopped up the chicken, along with two grated carrots. Found some tarragon vinegar, and after first splashing that in, built up the taste I was looking for from there. In goes olive oil, some sugar, pepper, salt and some lemon juice, tweaking the proportions to taste. After that’s all tasty and mingled, heated it up and that’s the protein part (talk about express cooking today — didn’t even turn on the stove.)

I love lettuce. It’s like Lucy, only .. not. Haha, okay only me laughing now. Par usual, wash and cut up the lettuce leaves (crosswise, then in strips at the width. None of this finger-tearing!) Because the chicken is fairly light and acidic, I wanted to see if I could add a Caesar-cream element. This really is a night of cheating folks, because all I did was toss the lettuce in a dollop each of Caesar dressing and mustard. I find that plain Caesar is too much garlic for the chicken, and I like the kick of mustard.

So the lettuce is wearing tangy Caesar, and combined with the tarragon and carrots and chicken that add even more sweet-sour dimension, I’m thinking that I should use chicken more often in my salads.


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