my pseudo Japanese pizza

Lunch didn’t start with the intention of following a recipe. Actually, it began with wanting some savoury meat in the meal, and then I found Chinese cured sausage in the fridge, and seeing them thinly sliced made me want to add some colour and shape contrast — enter carrots. Long story short, one thing led to another, and here is my imitation Japanese omlette-pizza thing (sorry to the Japanese aficionados for butchering the proper dish!)

I have to admit that lunch is a quick meal for me, so this doesn’t take long to make at all. And if there’s anything I’ve learned about omlette-style dishes, it is that you can add anything you want. Just like frittata.

In today’s version, I stalked-and-sliced carrots in a pan with some water and sugar to soften the carrots a bit. After the water evaporated, I took it off the pan and added the sausage. While one side was cooking (two minutes or so?) I was scrambling an egg with a splash a milk. This was poured over the sausage cooking on its other side. Turning the heat down to medium, I added the carrots, not intending to flip the egg. Before I took the omlette off the heat, I added some green onions. Once plated, it tastes pretty good with some hot sauce as well!

Next time, I’ll try the proper way of cooking okonomiyaki — bring on the cabbage! And curiously, the Japanese also have a way of using eggs in usuyaki tamago, which remind me of the savoury recipe for crepes. Only that usuyaki tamago can also be julienned as a garnish. 


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