Quick! Get your back issues of Gourmet

Who do you think you are, Condé Nast?!

(says little girl in rageful fit, pounding on the steel pecs of a stoic and very tall Bully whose head is cut off from the frame, the kind that only stands there, unmovable and yet moving everything within its blast radius around himself)

.. closing down epicurean mags like much-loved Gourmet! I only started to read Gourmet after falling into the delicious concoction of sixty food writers in Endless Feasts. The sensual, palpable writing of what we love to eat took me away, no doubt about it. I wonder what Ruth Reichl is doing today then, on the first day out of office? Could she be cooking up mushroom soup, that neutral and warm comfort that is easily goes down? Is she binging on Swiss chocolate at 9 in the morning? Are the writers of Gourmet crying in their kicthens, rocking back and forth in their aprons?

The worst part is that Bon Appetit escaped the cut, still wrapped in-tact the butcher’s paper. And they were considered junk circ for the longest time! Boo.

Depressing photos of the burial ground (aka empty offices). Reading the comments on the news pieces are like a eulogy.

At least Epicurious.com will still be running ..


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