I went to an apple orchard and never wished to leave

Thankfully, Saturday was all blue sky, and my sister had an ingenious idea to go apple-picking over the long weekend. Even though it was her idea, sadly she couldn’t join us because Thanksgiving weekend is also the very vulnerable time of colds, coughs and exams. She sent us out with a mission to bring back blueberry pie. We came back with bagful of goodies and lots of photos.

We didn’t even have to drive past our area code and into long-distance zone to find an orchard at Pine Farms. Isn’t it beautiful? You can get happily lost in between these fragrant rows ..

I overheard one woman tell her husband(?) that Red Delicious are the kind she always buys in the store .. so shouldn’t they look for apples they don’t normally get? That was my thinking too..

So on our left, we were walking past the Mac/Spartan orchards, and on our right side was a row of Wealthy apples. Is it telling that all the fruit from the Wealthy trees were already taken? There were a lot of apples that had fallen beneath that row too, and there was this golden facet to the red apple colour that reminded me of something regal in a fairy tale. The funny thing was that although most of the apples were picked off the Wealthy tree, the fallen fruit was still twice as shiny and bright than the dustier Mac/Spartan varieties still adorning the branches.

9 out of 10 North American kids would tell you they first associate pumpkins with Thanksgiving. Okay, so I made that stat up, but can we get any more festive on a weekend like this?

Tourtière – I bought one! It’s a Quebec-style meat pie with pork and beef and it will bring me much happiness on a cold winter day.

Farewell Pine Farms Orchard – we’ll be back next year!


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