Anti-cookie Christmas

The inspiration? To do my Christmas baking without cookies. There are so many cookies that will be around – maybe there’s something else I can make? Think of it like the anti-cookie list.

Starting with peppermint – something that really has its central relevance around December..

.. crushed candy canes on top of a dual chocolate layer makes Peppermint Chocolate Bark.

Next, I looked for something that wasn’t all sweetness, and came across Sweet and Savoury Spiced Nuts from a recipe on

The only thing I altered from the recipe was to stick only to hazelnuts, and have to admit that I forgot about the paprika! Nonetheless, it wasn’t too sweet and my family gobbled it up. We’re crazy about nuts (pun intended) and my dad thought it was store-bought!

With some leftover sugar cookie dough from a Christmas party, I made a half-dozen exception to my anti-cookie rule. Using the remaining peppermint, I whipped up some Peppermint Sugar Cookies. It was one of those last minute throw-together situations when you realize that really you shouldn’t arrive at a friend’s place empty-handed!

Merry baking, everyone! What are you making this Christmas?


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