Hot Chocolate Cake with Marshmallows

My good friend has moved to Hamilton, and I’m going to visit her in her new home for the first time! How can I come empty-handed?

She was also my roommate for two years, and we’ve shared much over cups of tea and coffee. So I knew she wouldn’t turn down a cake inspired by hot chocolate!

Amazingly enough, I only found  one recipe for a hot chocolate cake from The Bitten Word – a blog run by two Washingtonians who resolve to put all those collected recipes to use. Though I thought it was too ambitious to make my own marshmallows, I liked the marshmallow crown, and experimented with my own frosting to keep the marshmallows from falling off the cake.

Since I didn’t have any corn syrup on hand for the frosting, I used hot chocolate powder with heavy cream and added corn starch until it was more gel than liquid consistency. I think it helped that the hot chocolate powder already had mini marshmallows in it, because as that set, it made the frosting look a bit whipped, almost like whipped cream.

Chop chocolate

The wet

The dry

Poof! Cake!

Right before adding the marshmallows, I tossed them in the remaining hot chocolate powder and then sprinkled the last bit over the cake – just so that it will taste like hot chocolate and not just chocolate and marshmallows!


4 Responses to “Hot Chocolate Cake with Marshmallows”

  1. SO cute :) did the marshmallows stay put?

  2. Yes, they did! I was a little conservative with piling the mound of marshmallows :-)

  3. very cute idea :) maybe next time you can blow torch the top and given those mellows a little golden colour :)

  4. Like a baked alaska! Only less dramatic :)

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