Cake Break

Tomorrow I’ll be covering the IDS 10 for work, and I’ve been preparing for interviews these past couple of days. It’s been a combination of memory work and talking to myself since no one’s at home this afternoon to rehearse to!

But I wander into the kitchen, ready for a break, and find one last slice of Napolean cake in the fridge from Lucullus Bakery when my aunt brought a few slices last week.

Napolean cake is like a fool-proof birthday choice in our family. My grandma first introduced us to it, being one who doesn’t really like a lot of cream or heaviness in her desserts. I’m not sure how the Chinese preparation of Napolean cake differs from the European mille-feuille, seeing that both have light pastry puff layers and crispy meringue. But in the meantime, it is really delicious! Barely-there layers of cream, slices of strawberries and a little disk of chocolate sandwiched between pastry layers.

A cup of tea, jazz cranked up, and hum, break time is up. Back to the research!


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