Baking Coconut I: Lemon coconut loaf

By saiyiu

January 24, 2010

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People remember what you like on your birthday. My mom, who turns fifty-two young today, never particularly liked sweet cakes or pastries. The frosting she’d scrape off. The cream layers? Dashed to the side of the plate. So a typical multi-tiered frosted cake is something she’d rather avoid.

But what she does love is a breakfast cake loaf. Especially if they have fruit or nuts inside, and can be finished off with a cup of coffee.

A friend recommended I try baking coconut for its chewy texture, and so shredded coconut was what inspired her birthday “cake”. The recipe comes from Noble Pig, and the glaze is the real sweet spot – a singing combo of lemon and coconut. Yup, I said singing :-)

In the end, you couldn’t really taste that much coconut in the cake. But I gather that if I want to achieve the chewiness of coconut, coconut is better off in a glaze or icing. Or in macaroons. Hmm.. that’s something I’ve never tried before!


One Response to “Baking Coconut I: Lemon coconut loaf”

  1. […] and the chewy coconut I have long desired to achieve? Yes, definitely in this cake. The baking coconut series has closed. For now ;-) ‹ […]

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