By saiyiu

January 24, 2010

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Bibimbap, the homestyle Korean rice bowl

What’s all this? my mom exclaimed when my sister admits her into the kitchen. Happy birthday! daughter smiles to mother. If you followed our grocery trip to Galleria, the ingredients we gathered made their way into the birthday lunch. In our family, if you’re loved, you’re well-fed.

Inside is an arrangement of vegetables and beef overtop of rice, and an egg to top it off. My sister used zucchini, king oyster mushrooms, sliced carrots, Korean bean sprouts, and a flavourful soy-sauce to add to taste.

Okay, so let’s unpack this delicious bowl of yumminess. Well, it isn’t all too hard to see what’s inside – because the meat and veg sits on top of the rice. But how to eat bibimbap required a demonstration.

My sister took a spoonful or two of hot chili paste. The deep red dollop is super dense – not runny at all but quite gummy. Then she mixed it up really well into the bowl. And I mean really well: two or three minutes later her well-assembled bowl is thoroughly mixed so that the kick from the hot chili paste is in every bite!

Was there rice everywhere? You’d imagine that’d be the case – but mixing the paste somehow reduces the bowl. Kind of like a cemented bibimbap, with all the spiciness locked in. Chopsticks? Nah, dig in with your big spoon!


One Response to “Bibimbap”

  1. Val!

    I’m loving what I’m seeing! Make it for me. :) I hope we get a chance to cook together over the break.

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