Pineapple coconut muffins

It’s been a while since I’ve made muffins.  They were one of the first baking treats in our home, bringing me back to afternoons with my mom when I’d come home from school and find them on the table.

Now that I’ve been exploring other baking styles and goodies, making muffins is like coming back to a classic. And, on a much more ordinary level, we’ve been stuck with toast and cereal for breakfast lately. Time to change it up!

As usual, the “inspiration” was from leftovers – one cup of crushed pineapple. The recipe I pulled from the 2009 Milk calendar called for chopped and then pureed mango, but I substituted it with pineapple and some sliced wedges of tangerine. And remember my day with coconut? That goes in too – or rather, on top.

The main difference in using pineapple as opposed to pureed mango, as the original recipe called for, is to drain the pineapple. The extra moistness will affect the baking otherwise.

The clock reads half-past after eight .. just in time for breakfast :-)


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