Food blogging: Learning the ropes

I started this blog in summer 2009 as an experiment. For what, you ask?

  1. To make my food photography more useful. Not only can you see what I’m making, but you can try the recipe.
  2. Because I found Molly Wizenberg‘s Orangette blog very inspiring. And she sounds a bit like me, which can be encouraging.
  3. To share my journey in food.

Great. All valid reasons, right?

So because I am a perfectionist and there is always room for improvement, last winter I sent out a survey asking my friends who read food blogs about what works for them. Thing is, there were about five people who responded. Which is okay – I thank each person who comes here to read, whether you are the one visitor today or the sixteenth visitor (and I do check my stats ;-)

And now I want to make those changes. I’d still like to put the spotlight on photography, but the WordPress photo-blog formats are not as impressive as I initially thought.

By no means do I know much about design, but hey, let’s just keep exploring, right?

Other than keeping to what I enjoy about this food blog, I came across these tips from people who are also starting out in foodblogging, like Adam Roberts of The Amateur Gourmet.

So as this blog takes on a new look, tries on a few outfits, I’d love to hear what you think! :-)


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