Orange Chocolate Cheesecake

Believe it or not, I’ve received my first order!

A friend texted me on her way to the airport when she was picking up her mom – where can I find a good cheesecake in the area? Unfortunately, it was a late Sunday afternoon when she asked, so the shops were closed by the time she sought out her cake. But she did leave me with an offer to bake a cheesecake for her mom.

Yes. All good things can be shared – like cake.

The specifications? New-York style. Nothing too sweet. Small-ish, for the daughter and mother to enjoy. Everything else is fair game. That’s what I like to hear :-)

But I landed on the safe side when I chose a recipe, remembering what my sister said about using tried-and-true recipes when cooking for people. If cooking experiments go awry, you don’t want to be left empty-handed or present something half-baked!

The safe side is actually on the back side of the Honey Maid graham crumbs box, where I’ve baked their Triple Citrus Cheesecake at least three times.

But because the original recipe makes 12 servings, I halved the portions and kept the amount of zest so that there’d be big citrus flavour.

Also, because I forgot to leave it in the oven turned off (a trick from the community), I had  to troubleshoot a cracked cheesecake. A trick to cover up the trouble spot is to disguise with a nice decoration (also from the – you should totally sign up).

Who said a problem can’t be solved with a little chocolate drizzle? :-)


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  1. interesting new blog layout! i like!

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