Post-Olympic fever

Who wasn’t glued to the television last Sunday when the Canadian men’s hockey team secured our nation’s Olympic top spot – not only as the host country to win the most gold on home-soil, but the country in the world with the most gold!

I was watching the game at a friend’s house, and we all stopped breathing in OT when Crosby cruised that puck into the cage. Score!

I’ve joked with friends that the Olympics are like Christmas – everyone is “in the spirit” and we are more congenial with strangers than usual. Also, I have to admit that I actually enjoy the ads for the Olympics. They’re  iconic of Canada character, and even if you know it’s patriotism that they’re selling you from the other end, at least that’s something I’ll buy into.

Hence the Vancouver 2010 collectible glass. This is probably the first time I’ve made a purchase directly from an ad .. but I was in the spirit of the Games, and hey, I had to pass Petro Canada on my way home anyhow (though technically they were sold out, and a friend picked up this 16-oz. one for me. Thanks Alice!)

Now I’ll remember Vancouver 2010 forever. Or until the glass breaks.


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