The un-hungry salad

Quick dispatch from work – where I’ve learned, among other things, that lunch breaks are the avenue to get to know your colleagues. This rang true in my first two internships where all the staff ate together. But here, I’ve noticed that people either run out to grab food (I can see them from my window facing the doorsteps) or run down to microwave their lunch (I run into them on the stairs.)

Anyways, I’ve brought my lunch today – sorry no picture because, well, I don’t have my camera with me now. It was a really good salad, and filling too! Like Sarah Yoon from Milk and Honey Cafe, often green leaves are not enough in a salad. 

It’s pretty simple to make a thrifty but tasty salad actually. Allow me to rewind two dinners ago to show you how I assembled today’s meal.

Sunday night: steak + soup. Monday night: cheddar cheese penne (basically a mac-and-cheese, but I used penne because it’s my favourite pasta) Tuesday today: A bit of both worlds – I cut up the leftover steak into bite-sized pieces, took the leftover penne that wasn’t enough to stand as a meal on its own, cut up some lettuce, shredded carrots and threw it all in my Tupperware.

And for a “dressing”, I saved the steak jus. Perhaps the most crucial part of a reincarnating the taste of steak.

You might have already noticed, but I love salad. But I realize it’s not for everyone. But why limit yourself to lettuce when you can put virtually anything you want in your bowl? Make it cheesy, make it nutty, make it meaty, make it healthy. My sister would add whatever she could find and liked in our pantry to her salad. I used to think that salads were for vegetarians, but the Steak Frites Cesar at Pickle Barrel thoroughly convinced me otherwise. NowI’ll always put leftover steak into my salad, stretch a good meal and save the trip to the restaurant.


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