Baking coconut II : Macaroons

Let’s be honest here. In the kitchen, you often start with what you have. Leftovers are not to be hated! Don’t be a leftover-hater! Just because they’ve been hanging out longer in your fridge / pantry / jar doesn’t mean they can’t be made into something amazing.

So after I made a lemon coconut loaf, there was still a lot of shredded coconut remaining. But there was only a hint of coconut in that cake. Still thinking about what Alison, the savvy cook and friend, said about the pleasurably chewiness of baked coconut, I decided to try baking coconut again.

When I think of coconut, the first thing I think of  is macaroon! It was also lots of fun shaping these bite-size treats into pyramids and spheres, an idea put out by NY Times. The recipe is from Orangette, though I replaced lemon juice with lemon extract and decided to leave out the chocolate since it was already pretty sweet.

And similar to Molly Wizenberg‘s later reflection on the recipe, they are pretty sweet. Seeing that these macaroons are going to a town hall meeting where a bunch of Chinese Christians will gather in a church basement for a potluck (what a strategic move: come to our meeting, we will feed you ;-) next time I will reduce the amount of sugar in this recipe.


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