My healthy Double-Down special sauce

There’s nothing Double-Down-y about this, in fact. If you asked a random stranger, they’d hardly make the connection between the new KFC sandwich and this Monday night dinner. Other than the fact that they both have crispy chicken.

When some friends got together to cook last weekend, we attempted our own Double-Down. Except, the health conscience in me screamed, ‘No deep frying!’ So we baked dark meat dipped in egg wash and seasoned bread crumbs. While the healthy version still had bacon and special sauce (our own concoction of funny sauces around the apartment), tonight I tried to make another healthy version to go with crispy chicken.

What goes with crispy chicken that does not involve egg yolks or mayonnaise? I’m no colonel, but I have yogurt! At first I was going to make tzaziki sauce, but realized we had no cucumber in the fridge (oops, that was me at lunch!) Improvise, Val, improvise.

So .. what we have here is smoked salmon celery tzaziki sauce .. long name, random ingredients, but it was alright in the end!

It uses the same preparations and main ingredients of tzaiki – except I am missing many of them!

  • lemon juice
  • plain yogurt
  • minced garlic
  • cucumber (I used chopped celery instead)
  • dill (also missing .. so I just relied on salt + pepper)

We also had some smoked salmon in the fridge, so I chopped that up and added that into the mixture of all the above ingredients. Let it chill in the fridge, and you’ve got yourself a cool, refreshing dip!


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