Leftover Ideas

Julia Child once said that there’s a difference between a cook and a chef. Her husband was a restaurant chef. Naturally, he looks for the novel and interesting to cater to customers who, well, wants to eat something other than what they had at home. But Julia Child was a self-proclaimed cook – someone who dices and bakes more as a hobby .. hence her livelihood does not depend on the success of her dish!

When your job is not mixed up with your food product, you are inevitably stuck with leftovers. But I’ve found that working with leftovers gives you a jumping point for creative cooking.

I like The Kitchn blog for its frugal-friendly tips for the cook that wastes not. Why not have breakfast for dinner? If you have extra time at home, make a lunchable crepe. And if your baking calls for an egg divorce between the white and yolk, what to do after the breakup.

Leftovers are only as boring as you make them to be!


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