Dragon fruit

What’s black and white and pink all over?

A zebra walks into a bar .. turns out he was in a tropical resort.

Hey, dragon fruit is fun ;-)

The first time I had dragon fruit, I was at a friend’s house and instantly drawn to this black-and-white item on the table. Qu’est-ce que c’est? I mused. No actually it’s Thai, not French, she replied.

Dragon fruit is native to Mexico, Central America, and grown in many Asian countries. Red pitaya is the most common dragon fruit, where the flesh is red with a white inner fruit, or the Costa Rica red pitaya – which is red all over like a beet. If you hop a few slices over on the colour wheel, you can also find yellow pitaya, which also has a white interior.

If you only looked at dragon fruit, what do you think it’d taste like? I thought it’d be sweet like a melon. But the texture sends mixed signals – it’s firm and moist like a kiwi, but the juiciness reminds me of watermelon. And yet if you saw the hot pink leaves with green tips of the outer skin, you’d think, punk fruit! Or maybe that’s just me.

Just going by taste, I’d have to say that dragon fruit most resembles kiwi. But how can you just pick one sense when you’re having dragon fruit?

Okay, enough info. More creation story variations of this exotic pitaya:

  • Since dragon fruit grows on prickly cactus, maybe someone tried to use the long sharp spines as TV antennae and got static fruit instead.
  • In Genesis, plants were made before animals, right? So God ran out of colour ideas and based the zebra off of dragon fruit.
  • If you cut a dragon fruit cross-wise, outer skin and all, you’ll see the amazing layers of different colours and shapes. When I think of lovely layers, I think of cake. Who knows – maybe in Mexico and Vietnam, someone is celebrating their birthday with a slice of dragon fruit.

Alright, so that last one wasn’t exactly a creation story. But it’s 8am folks, and that’s all the imagination juice I’ve got this early. Enjoy the rest of the week!


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