Hawaii digest

By saiyiu

May 19, 2010

Category: Travel

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A week ago I could call out Aloha! from this balcony if I saw you walking around below. I spent two weeks in that glorious island second-best to Paradise, and had a good time with my family. And even on vacation, yes, I start my days off right with breakfast.

We spent our first week on the island of Oahu, and sometimes cooked around in our hotel kitchenette (though if you’re booking a hotel with said facility, make sure you ask just exactly what’s included in the kitchenette – once when we were in Quebec, there was only a microwave and a mini-fridge!) Playing it frugal when we’re cooking so we could splurge on other things, toast was a daily breakfast default. Localized with with guava jam and a cup of Kona coffee. Basic essentials!

The most “Hawaiian” thing we ate was probably at the Polynesian Cultural Centre – which would have offended my cultural anthrolopology eyes in my undergrad given all the costumed garb and talk of Samoa – but that’s beyond the scope of this blog. We had a Hawaiian luau, which was not only typical of Hawaiian traditional foods, but served in Hawaiian portions – generous! Actually, it was a buffet. So go all out! Which we did.


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