Shanghai dumplings

I wasn’t in Shangahi this year for the Expo, but if there’s one performance you have to see in China, it’s the alacrity at which people can eat their dinners. I had to shoot photos quickly, otherwise the food would be all gone!

Dumplings are more than just a bite-sized meal. Hand-made, cooking dumplings involves a lot of time and a lot of labour – perfect for festivals when families gather together to prepare food. Stuffed with pork, duck, or shrimp, they’re great with some soy-vinegar or a chili sauce. Typically, dumplings are steamed or boiled but there are fried Cantonese variations that are fried like a perogy – minus the cheese, of course.

When we were in China last summer, there was also a sweet dumpling filled with sweet bean and some nuts. Mmm.. I can still taste it thinking about it now!


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