Breakfast newsprint

I try to make it a habit to read the paper every morning, but sometimes the headlines can wait on the weekend. Saturdays are kind of an indulgence, and the fat roll of newsprint sitting like an overweight dog on my doorstep reminds me of that. Especially when the Puzzles and Comics have a section of their own, laid between flashy stories of hybrid wheels and oily pictures of seabirds.

Old-fashioned comics. Even now when graphic novels and popular animation are narrated in Japanese, I’m among the fans of paper and ink. In high school, my friend used to cut out Mutts and stick them up in her locker. A few months ago when I was watching the men’s Olympic gold medal game at a friend’s house, we uncovered a hefty anniversary edition of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts under his coffee table. Remember the Christmas Charlie Brown song? The little guy can doodle his scat dance, but this OutKast version will make Lucy shake it like a Polaroid.

Oh! I almost forgot – the punchline to this W.T. Duck comic, illustrated by Aaron Johnson. Start the weekend with a laugh, folks.


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