Cold chicken and potatoes. With a lotta Horse

Hello world,

And welcome to the lunch break.

No photo today – mostly because I’m eating a humble-looking plate of cold chicken and potatoes, and cold leftovers is good but not that pretty to look at. Just take my word for it. There’s also hot green tea and a bowl of cherries here, but we all know what those look like, right?

But what I really like at lunch today, is Band of Horses. Their awesome music circulated above my head one day at an independent bookstore in Peterborough called Speak Volumes (unfortunately, now closed in Peterborough, but possibly re-located somewhere on Queen St in Toronto? Last time I looked I couldn’t quite locate them).

I could explain what they sound like, but since they’re excellent artists, why don’t you let them play for themselves. Band of Horses is exactly perfect on a cloudy Wednesday lunch break. And they’ve recently released their new album, Infinite Arms. Listen here.

*Illustration comes from the book, “All the Small Poems and Fourteen More”


2 Responses to “Cold chicken and potatoes. With a lotta Horse”

  1. Band of horses is great, I know so many people (myself included) who have managed to stumble upon them :) My favorite song is Funeral, yours? :D

  2. hey Liz! Honestly, I can’t think of a song I dislike that Band of Horses has made. Is There a Ghost has been in my head for the past few days though.

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