A proud moment in food: Sam James anniversary story

I could get really apologetic about my MIA on this blog for the past few weeks, but really I’ve just been attending to life beyond the computer screen! August has been a particularly busy month of strapping down to wrap-up some freelance projects, and frankly I haven’t been inside the kitchen very much to bring you substantial stories. Let’s just say I’ve been packing lunch and eating out a lot.

However, I have been moving around the city. And one cafe I’ve been following much more closely this year is Sam James Coffee Bar, at 297 Harbord Street in a hidden nook in Toronto. Why? While I am not much of a espresso drinker – try to keep my caffeine intake to one cup a day if possible – I was drawn to the small-business big-idea vision of Sam James when I first read about him a year ago.

This weekend, SJCB makes their one-year anniversary mark. And I’m proud to say that researching, photographing, and writing his story is probably the piece I’ve most enjoyed! No doubt there will be proud celebrations in his cafe going down too – and free coffee served all day!

Read it here.


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