Yin Yang Fried Rice

By saiyiu

October 20, 2010


Category: Savory


Have you ever done something to impress someone? No, wait, that’s a silly question. Of course we all have made an extra effort to get a smile out of somebody, or did something to get their attention. Question is, what did you do? Who were you trying to impress? And did you get the reaction you hoped for?

I remember Todd Anderson of the DPS. But not exactly Ethan Hawke from the movie, The Dead Poet’s Society. We were a band of young poets, and like the group in the movie, we did meet to read to critique each other’s poetry, and the guy who led it during my first year was named also Todd Anderson. The DPS was an amazing answer to the poet in me at the time – really self-conscious, but wanting to share my creativity with people who didn’t think I’m half-crazy but might have a comment or two. Not to mention, my friend and I thought Todd Anderson was really something. He had this fiery red hair that just stood up in an unapologetic way (it’s from his inner passion, we used to sigh) and the first time he read his poem, I felt my face flush and pulse quicken.

The next few weeks we’d meet, I put even more effort into my stanzas, and even check out the poems recommended by friends at the DPS. I think the quality of my poetry was improved by this creative collective and their feedback and ideas, but beyond that, I really liked it when Todd threw me a comment too. Sometimes we have that added motivation!

Making this Yin Yang rice was a bit of people-pleasing too. I like cooking dinner on Sundays because it’s one of the few days we can all eat together as a family, and it gives my parents a break – and sometimes a source of amusement. Generally they’re not hard to please, but I remember a comment my dad made about not really liking sage or rosemary very much when I was clipping the last of the summer herbs for a dish. We had been using a lot of them in our slow cooker meals this past month.

So taking the cue, this Yin Yang rice did the trick. It’s a half-and-half portion of “creamy” shrimp and chicken made with tomatoes and onions over a dish of egg fried rice, and super typical in a Hong-Kong style restaurant. It even got my dad to shuffle out of the kitchen for his camera, and questions from my mom about how the sauce is made! I loved making this dish not only because it was a Hong-Kong style meal I’ve never tried before, but because I got the reaction I’d hoped for. Adoration!

Now if we could only impress all our Todd Andersons one dinner at a time …

In the meantime, here’s the recipe if you’re looking for one. I like the way the blogger explains the sequence of when to add what, because there are many steps to assembling your Yin and Yang together!


2 Responses to “Yin Yang Fried Rice”

    • You’re welcome! I like how your recipe is even timed with when to add different ingredients – because it makes a difference between overcooking and just-right!

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