Weekend trip – The Pie Plate

Last weekend I had the happy pleasure of spending a weekend at Niagera-on-the-Lake on a church retreat. My mom, her friend, myself, and my friend cobbled into a car and drove a little under two hours south to greener pastures where the wine flows and the road rolls right into the Falls. You’d think that nothing can ever go wrong in a village like Virgil, which is where we found this hidden bakery cafe on the way.

The Pie Plate came recommended by the concierge at the inn we stayed at, and a little while after we ordered, the whole crowd we had spent the retreat with also came through the door. The staff must’ve went from four to fourteen customers at the blink of an eye! Poor regulars – no where for them to sit!

Everyone else at my table went for the turkey avocado sandwich, and I opted for the thin-crust pizza. No regrets! On the menu, this is the Blue Pear Pizza made with blue cheese, walnuts, prosciutto, and pear but I switched blue cheese for brie at my friend’s suggestion. No regrets! Silky smooth cheese cradled loose coils of salty prosciutto, sliced so thin you can see through the translucent marbling. Toasted walnuts pop under the pressure of your teeth and adds creamy smokiness to the whole pizza, which is all supported on a crackly crust that is blistered browned where the air pushes bubbles under the floured surface.

To top it all off, the decor of The Pie Plate was so cute you wish you could put it in your pocket and bring it home. The interior is a house whose main floor is converted into a dining area, and our room was probably a sun room that looked out onto the porch and street. (And according to the website, the upstairs serves as a private guest accommodations.) The long windows let light flood into our room, and bring a languid mood that harkens a French countryside. Chairs and tables were put together like a donation drive, and my knee kept hitting the lowered steel frame of a table you’d probably find from a 50s diner. The floor could even be heard to groan when there was a moment of silence between peals of conversation and laughter.


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