Airplane snacks for Laura

This weekend a high school friend had her goodbye party, for she shall hop skip and jump over the pond to educate young British minds all the stuffs of growing up that they will remember long enough to do well to pass the grade. Laura is a most gregarious gal with a Midas’ touch of sugar. The funny thing about this friendship is that I met her in a highly social context (high school) and didn’t really know her until after we both graduated, when normal life filled time with resumes, job applications, and happy distractions to the mall. The best thing was that Laura lived near me, and every time I walked to the library or took my long route of a walk, I’d pass her street and text her to see if she’s in. Usually she wasn’t, which made the times she was, even better.

Emily is her cat, and I pretended to like her even though I actually find most pretty terrifying. I remember the day I told her (or she found out?) and though it didn’t mean Emily stay in one room while I occupy the other, I think eventually I figured she was pretty harmless. Plus, Emily is part of Laura’s family and can you really expect your friend to lock her brother in his room whenever you visited, just because you found him annoying? (At least Emily was out of the kitchen when we were baking.)

Cupcakes and Laura are synonymous. Every baker has a specialty, and Laura’s is the kind of cupcake that could be unicorn’s food. I don’t know very much about baking cupcakes, but if cupcakes could have coiffures, Laura would be the star hairdresser. Even at her goodbye party which was inside an English pub where they serve food from a menu, she supplied us all with vanilla cakes bedazzled with white frosting and pink sugar. I told her to look for fairy cakes in England, because I think they’re the same, if not, then they may be the fraternal twin of an American cupcake.

So of course I had to give something edible to Laura before she went away. But anyone who’s travelled knows that compression is your friend when packing, and who wants to eat a squashed cupcake? Besides, I said I’m not really a cupcake baker so I suspect she would instantly spot a fraud, even though she’d never turn away a kind gesture. But I couldn’t decide, so I say go for variety so she can decide for herself. To the bulk foods store where I looked for snacks which should satisfy any craving which may arise on the airplane: sweet, salty, chewy, crunchy, sour, savory. I also looked for a variety of shapes to make it more fun — although if it’s candy you’re picking, it’s hard to find an un-fun one.

Bon voyage Laura! Bake for your kids and reward the good ones with a cupcake, so that by default, the naughty ones will realize what they are missing out on. Positive reinforcement now comes in buttercream flavours.


2 Responses to “Airplane snacks for Laura”

  1. OMG I love you. That is all.

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