TIFF off

The first week of September is like that rush of wind that sweeps up the fallen leaves and hurls it in your general direction. The start of school, people going back to work — the activity and adjustment of a new routine comes at you all at full speed. In Toronto, among the many things going forward at the start of September is the Toronto International Film Festival, a.k.a. TIFF. My city primps and preens as the glow of the spotlight rests on us for ten glamorous days. In between the star-gazing and celeb-sighting tweetpics, we’re obviously going to see a film or two as well.

Rewind a month ago, about the time when the list of Canadian films and premiere screenings were released. My co-worker Meghan and I were planning to see Cameron Crow’s Pearl Jam Twenty, a documentary about the rock legend that got both of us Sharpied-canvas-rucksack fans through junior high. In one awesome night of nostalgia, Meghan came over and we watched the DVD commentary and full videography of Sloan’s A Sides Win The Best of Sloan 1992-2005, leaning intently towards my laptop because neither of us own a TV screen and my monitor happens to be wider. If someone just heard us belting out Losing California, The Other Man, and Coax Me, they might of imagined we were at karaoke (which we also were, but that’s another story). Point being: Meghan is the kind of 90s music fan that makes you want to consider sharing your multicoloured jawbreaker with when she drops hers. I’m on it! I told her excitedly, noting in my calendar to call the TIFF box office on the day single tickets were released.

So now we’re back in September, because single tickets were released last Saturday. And it’s been since last Saturday that I’ve been trying to secure tickets not only to today’s first showing of Pearl Jam Twenty, but our second and third choices. No success. All sold out. Dear TIFF and Cameron Bailey, we know that Toronto gets even more limelight and attraction factor when the films are coveted by limited access passes, but does it really have to be multiple trips to the edge of patience for the average Torontonian to get a single ticket?

In general, I prefer to watch movies at home when you can pause the film, get up, cuddle, make more popcorn, and not have to pretend you don’t notice the couple necking each other in your row (true story when I watched The Town .. with my parents). I have to say, this circus act of securing TIFF film tickets is kind of making me less inclined to get off my couch and pay at the cinema! Maybe I will just rent Pearl Jam Twenty and Meghan and I will have another sing-along.

For those of you who also like the home theatre, it’s even more fun when you pop your own popcorn. This really isn’t a recipe because it basically involves an air popper, kernels, melted butter, and seasoning that you can buy. But tossed all together – butter before you season – and you’re all set to press play.

Home theatre popcorn

  • Kernels
  • Butter, melted
  • Salt (optional, to taste)
  • Store-bought seasoning (more than one to get a variety of flavours, or just stick with your favourite)
  • Pop the kernels in a popcorn machine, which can be either an air popper or heated pan with a large surface area.
  • Once all the kernels have been popped, coat by pouring melted butter overtop.
  • Toss well.
  • Add the seasoning and toss well again.

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